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Deb Pangerl
Founder and Executive Director
The IMAGE Project
P.O. Box 222
Rush City, MN

Email: imagetanzania@hotmail.com

Deb is the founder and executive director of The IMAGE Project. In 2000, Deb attended a women studies seminar in Kenya and Tanzania. After hearing the touching stories of girls from the Maasai tribe that were “hungry” for education and wanted a chance to have their voices heard, Deb and Phoebe Msigomba (from Tanzania) decided to make a difference in the lives of these young girls by starting The IMAGE Project.
Deb graduated with a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Mankato State University. She currently works as Principal paralegal at Medtronic in Fridley and devotes her life to empowering Maasai girls and women in Tanzania.  In March, 2014, she will be making her 12th trip to Tanzania.
Deb lives in Rush City, Minnesota with her husband Gary, 3 horses, lots of cats and a busy border collie named Jack.
Deb’s passion in life is to speak for those who have no voice.

Richard Lubawa
Director (Tanzania)
The IMAGE Project
Iringa, Tanzania

Dr. Richard Lubawa is a Tanzanian and a Christian (Lutheran) minister in the Iringa Diocese of Tanzania.  He is also a professor at the University of Tumaini.  Dr. Lubawa has dedicated his life to helping people in his country.  Through a serendipitous connection, Dr. Lubawa and Ms. Pangerl became associated in their mutual efforts to help Maasai women achieve their desired life goals.  It was through Dr. Lubawa’s established deep relationship with the Maasai that Ms. Pangerl was welcomed into Maasai villages. 

Damaris Nkatha Kiramana
Namnyaki Girls Secondary School
Iringa, Tanzania

Damaris Nkatha Kiramana began working with The IMAGE Project in 2012 as coordinator and liaison with our students.  She has experience training Maasai girls and a devotion to forming young girls to become strong contributing citizens in the future.  The vision and mission of The IMAGE Project also attracts her by allowing her to give service to the lives of impoverished girls.

Damaris was born in Kenya’s Eastern Province.  Her mother is Tanzanian and her father is from Kenya.  She has seven siblings: four girls and three boys.  She studied in Kenya to Form IV, and then came to Tanzania for religious studies for four years.  As a nun, she was sent to work in a Maasai girl’s school for 18 months before enrolling at Tumaini University in Iringa, Tanzania.  It is there that she crossed paths with Richard Lubawa and learned about the IMAGE Project.