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Why Sponsor A Girl?

When you sponsor a year of secondary education for a Maasai girl, you change her life.  You not only give her the opportunity to go to school; you encourage self-confidence and inspire hope.  You empower her.

Historically, many Maasai girls in Tanzania have not attended secondary school.  Education for girls is not always valued by their parents, particularly by fathers.  Many girls have been married off at young ages (sometimes as young as 12), often to older men with other wives.  Girls do not attend secondary school for financial reasons, as well.  The Tanzanian Government funds education only through Standard VII (roughly equivalent to Grade 7 in the United States).

We have seen change since The IMAGE Project began its connections to the Maasai girls.  Parents – including fathers – are beginning to see value in sending their girls to school.  With, and sometimes without, their parents’ blessings, the girls really want to go to school.  We are inspired by their determination.

Still, the financial burden on families is great, and many simply cannot afford to send their girls to secondary school 

We ask for $400 to help us pay for a year of secondary school for one student.  For most, attending secondary school in Tanzania means attending boarding school.  Your $400 contribution helps to cover tuition, room, and board.  Due to the high needs of our students, we sometimes need to pair up more than one sponsor per girl.  We strive to connect a sponsor to a particular secondary student, from whom the sponsor receives regular updates through The IMAGE Project.  Such a personal connection is not a requirement of sponsorship, however, and we accept sponsorship money even when a donor does not want to make a connection with a particular girl.

The girls we have sponsored and are currently sponsoring are incredibly grateful for the opportunity given to them by The IMAGE Project.  They study hard and take their classes, assignments, and exams seriously.  Many return to their villages to share what they have learned.  They have inspiring dreams.

To Sponsor a girl and make a huge difference in their life, please go to RAZOO.

We, too, express our gratitude.